Constant Mini-Tuner

I’ve been hooked on the QC for two weeks now and in the meantime I’ve sold both my Axe-FX III and my FM3.
The only thing I miss is the constant little mini-tuner that is visible all of the time on the Fractal units, I wonder if it’s possible to integrate something similar without breaching any copyrights!

Surprised I haven’t seen a request for this yet! Voted!

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Oh, that’s a good one! Voted!

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Hi @VanDaven
Good idea, tho I’m not gonna vote just yet, sorry, 'cause I’ve spend too many of my designated votes already :sweat_smile:.
Being constantly reminded of tuning is probably not my idea of staying in tune, would rather rely on basses that are stable.


I could imagine this going in the same visual location as the CPU monitor. And there’s certainly room, it doesn’t have to be any more fancy visually than a headstock tuner, which about half a square inch of display.

I absolutely want this.

It could be a just another device block on the grid that would show the note name you are playing and a super simple in-tune/out-of-tune color indication. Maybe even user configured parameter that determines what range “in-tune” is.

brilliant. I’m used to having a tuner out to an always on tuner but this certainly takes the cake (if its low DSP).

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Yes! Definitely want an ‘always on’ tuner option, no matter how small :slight_smile: Sometimes you just want to check a note without having to long-press the tuner button and kill output. Maybe it’s not for everyone, so it could be a feature toggled on/off from the tuner window…I’m sure there’s room for a mini tuner somewhere between the preset name and upper right menu buttons?

A feature like this would add some overhead, even if it was negligible. Therefore, as others have pointed out, it should be a global on/off option. Also, much like the global EQ, it would have to get the greyed-out symbol when you switched to a preset without adequate DSP available (probably the DSP allotted to the first two paths as it is their DSP that tends to be used for these kinds of functions).

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