Midi Devices and Tuner

Has anyone heard of a midi device (pedal) that can display the tuner from the QC?
(or has QC possibly not published the midi spec yet to allow 3rd parties to develop this capability?)

The tuner can be turned on and off with CC# 45 Value 0-127. I have a Morning star MC6 and it works great for this. Page 86 in the Quad Cortex manual has a list of other things you can control too. Most any midi controllers will work with it

Right, turning on and off is a CC.
Was interested to see if any devices can display the tuner (yet).
I had an RJM midi pedal at one point that could display the tuner on my old Axe FX.
So no need to ‘see’ the QC, you can tune looking at the midi pedal.

Oh! Sorry, I guess I didn’t understand the question. That is a pretty cool trick! I don’t think the MC6 will do that unfortunately