Always-on tuner

The Kemper and Fractal units have an always on-tuner which can always be seen on any screen. It would be great to have this on the Quad Cortex. Also the ability to use the regular tuner while passing the audio (I believe it mutes the signal currently).

Also it would be nice to have the option to instantly access the tuner rather then a long press. That way it would be a mute switch as well, which the QC needs anyway.


Good request! Jumping between my Kempers and my new QC I just realized the QC don’t have this function. Kemper have only 3 small diodes but they handle the job for fine-tuning in the middle of a song. With the QC’s big screen there’s room for at least a thin line always-on tuner, like my old Helix had.

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Currently I have a seperate tuner connected to the second output jack to check if I’m not too far off on my frettless bass on a noisy stage. Having a always on tuner on thq QC would be ideal.

Never use tap tempo so mute on press option would be cool, but that would be another request I guess.