Tuner accuracy outside of 440Hz

Hi there,

we sometimes tune down to a=432Hz to flow with the universe and let our third eyes ripple through our foreheads.

When doing this with the QC, the tuning is totally off the charts - as in - it doesn‘t track properly. That really kills my chakras.

Can someone please double check with his unit and see if it works?


Ahh come on guys. Just a little favor here.

Can someone please check if at 432Hz, open string and 12th fret give you the same note (as it should be). Cause mine doesn‘t do that.


Does it give you the same note open string and 12th fret harmonic?

I tried to tune at 432 (and other freq. different than 440) and can reproduce your behaviour. The 12 harmonics or fretting on 12 fret gives a totally different reading more than whole tone wrong (I have a fairly well intonated Bass, tested on G string for best Guitar comparison).
This must be a bug. Please contact support and let us know the result.

Yep, I just tried it and it doesn’t work properly

Nope, harmonics don’t change the result. Thanks @Powerplant and @onyir for verifying.

I’ll get in touch with support.

Universe will be out of balance for a while :wink: