Tuning a True Temperament with the QC tuner?

Hi, I’m getting next week my first true temperament guitar and wonder, if it’s possible to tune it with the build in QC tuner. Is it possible and what would be the best practice for it?

No, you can change the tuner reference i.e. 440 vs 432 but not per string.

Maybe I misunderstand things bit I think it would work better than a classical guitar /bass. I tune to open strings /octave and with a normal bass I get deviations from true temperament for the tones in between that I (if I was a better musician) compensate for bu fretting with different pressure.

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Well yes, it will work fine. In fact, there is no best practice then, because if one fret is in tune, every fret is (given the intonation is done properly first). So unlike with a “normal” guitar, where you use open strings or the 12th fret or harmonics to tune, you can do it on any fret you like.

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I tune only in A frets. Because A needs no offsets.

I mean 6th string in 5th fret, 5th string open, 4th in 7th and so on.

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That’s true if you have a programmable tuner with the offsets for True Temperament.

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Yes, that’s how it goes with true temperament. I have now all my guitars with true temperament and quad cortex tuner works fine with them in that way. I don’t think that it is programmable though .

Hm, tuning by hearing could be difficult in band context. Or have you ever experienced a drummer who can hold style while the others tune their instruments :crazy_face:.

But at home the oldfashioned way works nice.