Gigging with the Cortex

So ive done three gigs now with the Cortex instead of my normal tube amps, and im impressed, sounds very good and much more stable - every gig it sounds the same, as a tube amp player this is a revelation! im so used to the same amp with the same settings sounding good some gigs and terrible others! so nice to have some consistency! Only real problems I have for performance are the lack of hybrid mode, the tuner not being quick enough and the gig view preset mode not being to up and down banks properly without leaving the gig view display. but otherwise this is the first modeller I like!

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Regarding the tuner, I’ve always wondered why so few modelers have polyphonic tuners. It was already available on the BOSS GT-100 and those clip-on polytune tuners obviously don’t need a ton of processing power. So why don’t we see polyphonic tuners on today’s most powerful modelers already?

It could be everyone’s a little spooked by all the patents?

I can see why! I haven’t got a problem with the tuner. I just think its a bit slow and a bit drifty!

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it helps if you hit the note many times in a row - it works a lot better this way


I agree. I use a Peterson strobe tuner and it works similar for me where it locks on perfectly by simply continuously plucking the string while tuning. The last updates seem to have fixed the drifting (for me) and it’s every bit as accurate as my Peterson now. Also make sure your QC is updated to the newest firmware.

yeh im on the latest firmware.

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I’ve switched to an external tuner and have a feature request from a while back to allow a one-tap access to the tuner and the ability to turn off the tap tempo.

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