Trouble Connecting QC to Cloud

QC isn’t connecting to cloud although I am connected to home wifi and device is registered to my Neural DSP account. My device did have a previous owner so I’m curious if that could be causing the issue. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @dpaetzold and welcome to the community!
You may need to perform a factory reset and then reconnect to your account etc. If you continue to have issues, it would likely be best to reach out to NDSP via and they should be able to get your sorted quickly.

I have found when my QC on my pedalboard is on the floor I keep having a cloud error but when I raise it up to line of sight, it has no trouble connecting. There might be something in the way preventing it from connecting.

Typically 2.4ghz is great for getting through walls, doors etc., so you wouldn’t think that raising it up off the floor would resolve that issue but there may be some reason that the signal is blocked while on the pedalboard.