Simple volume pedal?

Dear Cortexers,

I am thinking of adding a small volume pedal to my setup to be able to adjust volumes during live gigs. Unless somebody invents a drummer that does not vary their volume depending on level of motivation or alcohol :slight_smile:

I currenly have a gain block +4dB in all presets but sometimes I need more or less boost.

I would like to control the output volume, not the input.

Does one of you have experience and can you recommend volume pedals.
I would like to have something small, so the Mission pedal seems quite an overkill (in terms of price and size).

Many thanks for your help!


Yes, and it’s fairly simple to do. Don’t forget to go through the calibration process for your exp. pedal before proceeding. It can be found by going to the input/output page and selecting the expression port you are using.

From the grid page, open the settings page for the output at the end of your block chain (on the right side of the screen), whichever one that is feeding your outputs. To open it, press and hold the output button. Tap the three-dot menu icon at top left of the window. This will open a dialog box to walk you through assigning control to expression port 1 or 2. You’ll then see Volume, Pan, Mute and Solo in the middle of the page. Tap the Volume control’s assign button (it will then read “assigned”) to make it the parameter being controlled. Tap the green bracketed line button above the volume control, you can then adjust minimum and maximum control settings and audition them in real-time. Setting maximum to “77%” will put your output volume at “0.0db” with your exp pedal all the way toe down. 0.0db is unity gain and the default setting for the output module. You’ll have to experiment to find the right setting for +4 output. Just make sure the output block is not going into clipping on your loudest preset with your exp. pedal at toe down.

This process will have to be done for every preset you want to control via your exp pedal. Fortunately you can do each one in just a few seconds, once you get the hang of it. Read from page 30 in the v2.0 manual for an overview of this process.

One thing to keep in mind; it seems to take a split second, when you first call up a preset, for the QC to read your expressing pedal position. During that split second, your volume will be as if your exp pedal is all the way up. Set your hardware volume knob at the maximum volume you’ll want to play at (with exp. pedal toe down) to avoid a radical volume burst when you change presets.

I hope this helps.


Thanks a lot, Pete, this will save me a lot of trial and error.
Which pedal do you use?

I’m using a Fractal EV-1. It’s a great, well-built pedal but it’s pretty heavy and takes up a lot of pedalboard real estate.

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Yes, looks very sturdy and quite large.
Sorry to have one more question:
Did I understand correctly that you use the exp output of the pedal, not the volume?

Regarding pedals: I use two of these:

MeloAudio EXP-001 Volume Expression Wah Bass Guitar Effects Pedal l for Guitar & Bass with Instrument Cable

I really like these for their size. They’re about as long as the QC is deep.

Unfortunately, the jack is not wired as expected by the QC. Normally I’d open the pedal and swap two wires on the pot, but on both of the pedals I have, the baseplate seemed impossible to remove; I don’t know whether it’s glued in place or just a really tight friction fit.

What I did instead of modify the pedal was to modify a cable. I bought a TRS cable of the length needed, swapped the tip and ring wires at one end, and labeled it for use with the Melo.

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Yes, the expression output on the pedal is the one to use.

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You can probably compensate for the wiring of your pedal by using the “invert” switch. See page 31 of the manual.

If we’re looking at the same thing (pg. 31 in the 2.0 manual), the expression invert is for the sense of the expression bypass.

The Melo pedal will sort-of work without the crossover cable, but the taper will seem incorrect.

You’re absolutely right, I see that now. Funny, there’s a list of pedal features that the QC supports on page 33 and it says “Polarity reverse function”, but I don’t see anything about how you accomplish this. Well, if you have a soldering iron, it should be a pretty quick fix…as long as your exp. pedal’s pot is not direct-mounted to a circuit board (like my Fractal EV-1 pedal).

I use a Mission Engineering SP-1 for exactly what you describe. I connect both of the jacks to EXP-1 and EXP-2. The SP-1 has a switch in it if you press toe-forward hard, and you can program for different things.

The way I use it is I have a Wah block early in the chain, then a gain block at the very end. The SP-1 Button is mapped to enable/disable both the wah and the volume, but they are opposites.

So when I want the wah I can push it all the way in, click the button to engage the wah and have a wah pedal. When I’m done I click it again and it’s a volume pedal.

(this preset doesn’t have a wah, but others do)

In the photo you can see the 2 cables coming out of the SP-1, running under the board and into the back of the QC on the top left.

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