Smoother Expression Control

I have been using a boss EV-30 to control a gain block in the quad cortex (literally just a volume pedal). However, I am finding that the output is falls off after about 20% of the pedal’s travel and the rest of it is essentially useless. Is there a way to get it to behave a little more logarithmically?

Have you calibrated the pedal? That would be my only suggestion as I don’t have the same issues with my Moog EP3.

I have. It made the range of the pedal go from maximum to minimum but not much else.

you can try setting the min value of the pedal closer to where you feel the travel start to kick in - that will divide the pedal range more evenly across the range of effect, but that’s about the only thing you can really change. There is a ‘volume’ block coming in the next update, hopefully it will allow for some of the options users have been requesting, like being able to change the curve of the pedal response.

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I like playing a lot of pedal steel licks and have the same problem. Sadly, in the QC (at this time) there is no way to change the taper like there is in the Helix and Axe-Fx. I wound up getting the Lehle Mono S volume pedal and that works great but it’s not an expression pedal. The good thing about that is that it works on anything. I put it right after my guitar. It’s got a great buffer in it and doesn’t change the tone of your guitar. I don’t seem to have the same problem using the wah or any of the other effects with the expression pedal though. Hopefully in an upcoming update they’ll add that as I’m seeing a fair amount of people complaining about the same thing.

It’s not the QC or the calibration. It is the Boss pedal. I have 2 Boss FV-500Ls that do nothing for the first 20% of travel, and an EV30 that does nothing for the first 30%. It is simply the poor way in which the pedals are engineered, such that the pot control simply does not move before that point in the pedal travel. Others have reported the same problem. You would expect better from Boss, but it is what it is.
The QC can only calibrate a change in resistance. If the resistance does not change for the first 20-30% of travel because of the poor engineering of the pedal, there is nothing to calibrate. The only work around I have found is to physically put a block under the back of the treadle. It reduces the pedal travel but at least the travel that you do have actually does something.
I have now bought a couple of Fractal pedals - they work perfectly, and every mm of the pedal travel has an effect in the QC.

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I had the same issue with my EV-30. First on my Boss Katana and later on QC. I then bought a Dunlop DVP5 Volume (X) 8 expression pedal and it is working exactly as you’d expect. The response is linear and starts right from fully suppressed all the way until fully open.

I have had excellent experience thus far with a Mission Engineering EP-1 pedal. Give that a shot maybe?

Problem solved. It’s not the QC, it’s the Boss pedals. I broke down and bought the Lehle Dual Expression pedal because I love their volume pedal so much and now everything works great.

I did suggest that the problem was the Boss pedal. :grinning:

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