M-audio expression pedal does not reach 100% in the volume block

Hello, I use an m-audio expression pedal. With the new volume block, I noticed that I am not able to reach 100% volume with the pedal using the volume block. It stops at 93%. With my second one in the rehearsal room I think I have a similar problem, only on the lower side. There I can not reach 0%. Both in the m-audio einstelluzng and in the “other” setting. Has anyone of you made the same experience and how it looks with other Expreesion pedals? In the end, is it time to spend more than 15 euros for an expression pedal? :slight_smile: Or is there somewhere in the QC the possibility to calibrate the pedal?

Swipe down from the top of the screen to get to the in/out menu. Tap the expression pedal input then use the ‘recalibrate’ feature.
You rock it back and forth and the QC works out the limit of travel and uses that to give you a full sweep.


Oh, that was easy. Thank a lot for this little hint. Saved may day :slight_smile: