Travel Interface

Guy’s i’m looking for an interface that is small for travel. It’s just for putting ideas together but I still want an inspiring sound. Mostly all I can find is the iRig solution. Is it cool or are there other options I should consider?

I use iRig 2 with my iPhone 5 and use AmpKit as the simulator and I am very happy with them. Decent sounding for its small size.

i use a Steinberg UR22 mk2.
It has a switch to choose the ‘Power Source’ on its USB socket:
regular USB 2.0 (from computer),
or 5v DC (you can use the wall plug of your mobile device)
This Audio Interface has been designed to use it on the go and in studios as well.

If your on a Mac then the apogee jam

Strongly recommend UAD Arrow.

+1 on the Apogee Jam+

It’s small, works well and the sound is tops. Now I have a problem that I wanna play dirty tones only with the Apogee’s Overdrive Mode. It’s addictive.