Using a second audio interface (DAC) in real time with the Quad Cortex?

Pardon me if this question as already been asked here!

One of the big downside of the quad cortex for me was not being not having any digital output in the form of SPDIF.

I already have my high end audio setup as so (PC → DAC → Headphone amp → Headphones).
With the FM3, I was able to connect the unit to my DAC via SPDIF and I could benefit my high end headphones through my whole setup without having to re-plug anything.

So, my question here is : is it possible to have two audio interface on my computer (One being the Quad Cortex, the second being my DAC).

The Quad acting as the input and my DAC as the output…

The caveat is I need to be able to jam/track/hear my playing through the quad cortex through the second interface (My DAC)

FYI : Yes, I could just plug my headphones in the Quad and swap when I need… but I’d like to have one nice “flow”, plus my headphones are particularly hard to drive, hence the need for the amp.

On Mac you can with this Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing but introduces a little bit of latency. I don’t think there’s a latency free solution to your problem but I’ll be happy to be proven wrong.

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This is what I feared…

So if I really want to use my high end headphones with headphone amp with the Quad Cortex in real time, it means I need to unplug the headphone amps from my external DAC to the Quad Cortex, so the Quad Cortex becomes the the DAC in this setup.