Tight metal tone?

Been trying to like Abasi but I just can’t get a tight gated metal tone without excess noise. Brand new A2.7 Solar, new cable and new 2i2 Scarlett interface. Anyone got any insider info on some secret sauce to clean this thing up? I’ve heard the gate has been an issue in the past.

Load it up in your Daw and slap a noise gate before it. Ive had some good results with the free Kaussa gate, or if you’ve got any of the Fortin plugins use the Zuul and disable everything else.
Other than that, I’d recommend using the Pathos only with the first amp. As of right now, the noise gate can’t handle the Pathos together with the 2nd or 3rd amp. Try messing around with the tight knob on the 2nd amp. There are some nice tones to be found there.
But yeah so far the gate has been a bit of an issue. For now, an additional noise gate helps a ton. Neural know about this issue and have mentioned it will be addressed at some point.

I’m with you. It’s a very noisy plugin, even without a guitar plugged in (I thew fab filter on after it without a guitar plugging in and the spectrum still shows a lot of garbage). Running a Countryman DI Box, Mogami Gold cables, and a 3rd gen new 2i2. Seems to exaggerate EM interference picked up by my EMGs much more than guitar rig did. The Cali Suite is much better for tight chunk I think. The abassi is great for the clean, blend, and effects.

I’d suggest at least trying a DI box if you haven’t already. And of course use a gate ahead of the plugin

This is a major problem. I think I’ve become chief moaner about the Abasi gate over the last few months. The tones are great, but the Noise Gate is truly awful. With a proper gate, this product would be perfect. You can try everything - lowering input levels, DI boxes, dialling the gain right down and you still get that tail of noise. Gate just doesn’t shut quick enough.
I’m hoping that if I keep commenting and sending emails to support, Neural might sort this out.

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