Noise/Hissing Sound whenever playing

Hi everyone, just thought I’d open up a Topic for those of us who are having trouble with a ground noise when using Neural DSP’s plugins.

I personally get noise on all 3 plugins I’ve tried (Plini, Nolly, Abasi). I currently own the first to and I’ll probably get Abasi in the next few days. I live in Uruguay so high quality valve amps are not only expensive but rare here. Plus I don’t live somewhere I can use one, at least not without an attenuator. That’s why up to a few months ago I was using a couple of pedals paired up with a Mooer pre-amp, straight to interface.

I currently use Neural DSP’s Plugins as my only source of guitar tone running through M-Audio BX5 monitors and it sounds way better than before for sure. Only problem is I can’t seem to get rid of this noise hissing in the background every time I play. I have tried so many things to see where the problem is. Also sometimes I’m able to play without it, but randomly, and then it’s back. I’m assuming that’s probably ground noise. I used different guitars, including ones recently shielded and with brand new electronics. I just recently purchased a Scarlet 2i2 which is what I’m using. It would make sense that I mention I’ve also tried changing the interface from my PC to my Mac Book Pro where I also have the Archetype plugins. Noise was still there, though quite different sounding. On PC it’s like a hiss, on Mac it’s more like the noise the input jack makes in contact with the 1/4 cable.

Anyway, hopefully if some of you have the same problem we can use this to come up with possible solutions.



There will always be a hiss from an amp when recording high gain, Id like to hear an example of what you are talking about. How far are you having to turn the gate knob up?

You have tried different:
I would try another audio interface if you know someone.

My own experience with this was my switch from a UR22(1st gen) to a 6i6(2nd gen) on my home rig. It eliminated about 80% of the background hiss from the Preamp.


There could be a variety of issues besides bad grounding such as induced noise at the pickups from electronic interference (common in active pickups especially) or it could well be “dirty” electricity. For induced pickup noise, try moving further away from your pc to reduce the amount of noise picked up and if it’s just poor quality power, you should be able to test by running your macbook on battery power (assuming your interface is bus powered and no other elements in your signal path require power) or you could try to run everything through a high quality power conditioner. At one venue where I play occasionally, my signal becomes super noisy when the stage lights are turned on and even then the problem can be lessened by changing positioning relative to the noise source. Good luck tracking it down and I hope this helps.


Hi @CloudMixer, thanks for replying. I’ll leave you a link to some files of the same riff played in the same preset made by me with the 3rd amp of Nolly. Only difference between them is the Gate setting. I’ll also upload a something random I played on a preset from the 2nd amp just to have something with less gain. The noise is still there. It’s very fatiguing to listen every time you stop playing. Plus it’s also present when playing, only not as noticible for obvious reasons. Only problem is that it colours the sound and if you listen carefully you can hear it.

Link to audio files:

Regarding the audio interface, I bought the 2i2 used for $130 a few weeks ago which was my upgrade from a Presonus Audiobox USB that I got with a bundle. I’ve heard lots of people talk very nicely about Scarlet considering the price point. Don’t see how it could be the problem. And unfortunately I don’t have access to a high quality interface unless I buy one.

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Hi @Jwterminator, thanks for replying. Well I forgot to mention that I did try that. I went to the other side of the room and played, no changes. Also tried in my Mac with batter power, no changes. What I’m probably going to try is changing rooms entirely. Heading out to different rooms or locations with my Mac, audio interface and headphones. If that doesn’t do anything then the issue should be something in the signal chain. Either the guitar (which is probably not, considering the recent upgrade), the interface (possible), cables (possible but unlikely) or something within the computer itself.

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After listening to your samples, it definitely sounds like preamp hiss which can be eq’d out slightly but not completely. Does it lessen if the bright switch is turned off? As for why it seems to be overpowering the gate, it’s possible that your input gain is too high on the interface. Try lowering the channel input gain and see if it clears up at all.

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I get Ground noise if my macbook pro is connected to powersource (Apple Original powersource). When I play on battery power (powercable disconnected) the ground noise is gone.

This is a bit of a problem when I’m working on my desktop and use my external monitor, 'cause my macbook pro has to be connected to powersource in that case.

It doesn’t matter where I have my powercable connected. I have noticed this same problem in every house where I have connected my MBP to powersource and used Neural Plugins.

I don’t know if this is the case with every MBP or does mine have ground problems?

My setup is:
Macbook Pro 15 mid 2015, 16Gt RAM, i7
Focusrite 4i4 3rd gen

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one simple and cheap (but also a bit weird) lifehack could be to use yourself as a ground. i have grounding and noise issues here a well. so when i need to record a track for something comercial i have my DI box or a pedal my bass / guitar is connected to, lying on the floor with one of my nacked foots resting on it - sounds silly, but at least in my house this works just fine…


Hi have the impression my noise is coming from the plugin itself, like it is a “feature” to make the feel of a real amp. I am talking about the noise that is there for the high gain amp (in the plini archetype) and turn off the gate. My input signal has no (audible) noise but the plugin outputs loud noise. Is there a way to “deactivate this feature” ?

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Hello, just to avoid opening a new thread about the same.
I bought a couple days ago the plugin, i’m also having some noise/interference, i will upload a sample i recorded, the issue is not only with the high gain models, on the clean ones i also got interference.

Tried 2 different guitars, different cables, 2 different computers and 2 different audio interfaces (M-Audio Fast Track and Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2)
The only way to eliminate some of that noise is to turn the Noise gate a bit high, but then i need to strike the strings always hard or i would get no sound and also, as soon as i try to sustain a note, it will cut off soon.
Would like to know if this is normal, or is fixable, the only thing i haven’t tried is a DI box, i don’t have one atm.
Also, when using my Line 6 POD X3 live to record, i don’t get that noise at all.


PS: The gain in the audio interfaces are the minimum, if i turn them up, the interference get’s worst.

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@ivan.da_ros The new version of Archetype: Nolly will include improvements to the noise gate. Pretty sure it will solve your issue.

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Thanks for the info, i will wait for it!



I had the same issue. Turns out a second cable in input 2 of my Scarlett 2i2 that was causing it. Turning off input 2 in Neural killed the hiss.

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Same problem here. It’s very disappointing.

I tried different guitars and cables. I’m using Boss RC300 Loop Station as a interface… maybe that’s the problem.

Same problem. Using the trial download for now. I get a static pop pretty frequent. Changed out cables and what equipment I can. When I use my Helix floor I don’t have any issue. Only when going straight into the PreSonus interface and using the plugin. Get it in the monitors and my headphones. Also not showing up in the recording in Cubase either so far that I can tell. It’s clearly audible when live through the DAW or standalone interface. Love the tones and want to buy the plug in just not sure yet.

Really new to the whole plugin (and recording as well) so I’m sure there’s something I can do.

@Gary I think your problem is unrelated to the issue discussed on this thread. Clicks and pops are symptoms of performance issues. I suggest you go through the optimization guide if you’re on PC, making sure to set your audio settings at 44.1 kHz / 128 samples.

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Thanks @Gonzalo. I just came across that topic you posted ans was looking through it. I am on a Dell Windows 10 laptop with Core i7 but some of the options within the control panel windows are different so I’ll have to poke around and see if I can sort it out. I’m not a computer guru by any stretch but usually with the help of Google/YouTube I figure things out most times.

I really appreciate the reply. and link Thanks!

@Gary No problem! Pay special attention to the Latencymon part. DPC Latency issues are quite recurrent with laptops. Sometimes, the fix is as easy as disabling Wifi/Bluetooth or the onboard audio.

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Mate this was an absolute life saver!! I was just jamming around learning the tosin abasi thumb slap technique on my guitar chain that i use for my professional album recordings (new djent album on the way woo woo) and i was noticing some hissing… i usually get SOME hissing but not this much, so i did a bit of googling and found your answer. As soon as i got up and moved over to my bed and sat and played there i could ring out notes even on my 9th string for a good 10 seconds before i got abit of a hiss/the noise gate kicked in! Turns out it was because my second PC was turned on and the interference was cocking up the EMG 909 pickups, so thank you so so much for that!! I never considered the possibility of interference from a source not directly linked to my audio setup, i was checking wires and cables and audio inputs, all sorts of random crap slowly going mad lol. THANK YOU!

Hey all, I know this thread is a bit old but I just semi-solved this issue for myself. I first noticed that cutting the 8k in the EQ in the plugin reduced the hissing a bit. I then loaded up an eq in ableton and messed around with a cut in the 8k area until I got a sound i liked with manageable hiss. There is still a bit of noise but shouldn’t be noticeable in a mix.