Noise please help!

Hello, I’m new here.

Fairly new to recording in a DAW. I’m on Windows, don’t recall the PC specs but it’s pretty beefy. I use Presonus Studio One w/ 1810C interface. Clean conditioned power.

I play a Music Man JP 20th anniversary signature guitar.

I’m using the Cory Wong and the Petrucci plug ins from Neural as well as some IK Multimedia stuff.

I have a consistent problem when using High Gain amp settings on any of them. NOISE! Not just clumsy finger noise, I get that. But even just holding one note carefully muting every other string…a swell of garbage joins in within a few seconds and the note / tone quality gets lost completely. It’s hard to describe. It’s not hissing or crackling, just really nasty overtones and such.

I can turn the gain way down and clean it up but I’m losing tone when I do that. I cant believe all these amazing pre sets cant be used as they are pretty much.

Any tricks / tips / advice on recording with High Gain Amp settings would be greatly appreciated.


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Feedback / noise trouble shooting is a tricky one because everyone’s signal chain is different so it could be a number of different things impacting the noise.

First thing that came to mind- are you utilizing the noise gate included with these plugins? Playing with the gate settings in conjunction with adjusting the input level has usually helped me clean things up.

Honestly, I’m not sure if a noise gate is on or how it may be set up in the various presets. I’m at work so cant check right now.
But I will definitely look at that and try tweaking the input.
Someone at a local music store suggested putting a Noise Gate in line pre Plug In. Not sure how to try that. I thought the plug in was the first thing I hit.

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If the gate is set to the minimum value / off it will be greyed out, but if it’s white I think it’s on. To my knowledge these input and gate functions are the first things in the chain… not 100% on that but it would kinda make sense if they were. Give them a shot! Some of my heavier presets definitely have the gate cranked to -30 or so.

Ahh, thanks so much for that explanation and look at it.

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@JD003 - If you still need assistance please email and they will be able to assist you in troubleshooting.