Weird frequencies with hi-gain amps. Noise gate settings? How to cut the fizz?

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to the QC universe. I’ve noticed with certain amps and captures, especially with my Mesa Boogie Badlander is getting some extreme fizz and noise. Mainly on heavy palm muting parts.

I’m super newb on what needs to be cut or added via any noise gates?
I’ve tried the HF split gate and it’s not any better.

Noise clip

Depending on what cab/IR you are using, pickups etc., most use a high/low cut to remove those unwanted frequencies. Also, you can long press on the signal grid input and enable the NG and or add the adaptive NG block. Further refining can be done via the IR loader as well.

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Sweet! That gives me something to look into. Appreciate it!

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Sounds normal for this much gain. You have a LOT of gain going and I’m hearing the sound of fingers sliding on strings. Turn down the gain to start with and see if it helps.

A noise gate basically cuts the whole signal when it falls below a certain level to remove noise when you’re not playing. No signal → no noise. It doesn’t remove noise while playing unless it’s set to be too sensitive. So it will be no help here.

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Thanks man. I will give that a try today!