This might sound daft but

I have a Two Notes Torpedo Captor X and I have been using the Wall of Sound plugin to get some amazing blended cab tones. I am running it stereo into an Apollo Solo which only has a left and right speaker out and a headphone amp.

Would it be possible to do captures via the headphone output of an interface back to the Quad Cortex or do I really need a line out. Appreciate headphone out is stereo TRS but if I went from stereo to Mono into the QC would I run into issues with it being an amplified output? is it likely to colour the sound at all.

Would love to be able to utilise this method as I’m getting great results through Wall of Sound

It should work assuming you set the plugin or daw to mono. Impedance is different but it’s worth a try definitely

Yeah so if I take the headphone output with a mono jack I should get LEFT only. So as long as I pan that channel hard left I should get solid signal going to QC. Then can just adjust headphone volume output so it’s hitting about 0db (I think that’s the right way of doing it!)

A headphone out could work, but if you’re already getting the exact tone you want out of the balanced speaker outputs, I would just simply turn off one of your speakers, and run that balanced line out from your Apollo to the balanced input of your QC. Less impedance wackiness this way and probably less noise that might effect the capture. Just my suggestion.

Would I need to do any kind of panning here or seeing as it’s in mono, the same signal would be coming out of both outputs anyway. So just take a mono jack lead from a speaker output to the quad cortex and turn other speaker off so I don’t hear the capture sounds?

@john.taylor2501 No. You should not need to do any panning. Just make sure your output is not turned down too low or so high that you distort the input of the QC. Yeah, turning off the speakers would keep you from having to hear the crazy loud sounds that the QC emits during captures.