Just got my QC, please help my set up

Hey all, just got my QC and I love it. For my studio setup I don’t really want to run my QC as an interface. I currently have my QC going into my interface and my interface straight into my PC/DAW. I also have a DI box in between. My question is, how do I get the levels right between the WC and my interface. Without the QC it’s simple I just play hard until I clip and then turn it down slightly till it never clips. How do I do this with the QC I’m between and have faith I’m getting a strong input?

Secondly, which output of the quad cortex should I use to go into my interface?

Thanks for the help.

I use xlr to run to my interface. If you aren’t receiving a loud enough signal after turning the volume to max, go into the output settings (swipe down from top of screen) and add some gain on your XLR outs. I would get rid of the DI box as it is not needed

I usually aim for around -13db to -9db on my interface

Thanks, I’ve reached out to some friends who tour with their QC rigs. They had similar advice. I can say I’m getting some insane tones from this things making a few adjustments to my input gain.