Quad Cortex and UA Apollo x4

I’ve had my QC for a few weeks now and am absolutely loving it. I also have a UA Apollo x4 that I was running my Kemper through. Am I crazy or is there not really a reason to utilize the Apollo anymore? The investment in unison plugins is what’s keeping me from moving on. Anybody using these two together in some cool way I’m missing? I’ve been able to use the Apollo to help me “capture” the tones from my plugins though so that is nice. Thanks!

I’m running my QC through an Apollo 8. I love the UA plugins I have but the guitar stuff is pretty limited (and $$$$), so I just have my QC running in stereo all the time through the Apollo (inputs 3 and 4). Makes it easy to play and share that audio with others over Zoom/skype, record in logic, or listen in headphones or my monitors.

So I think the Apollo is useful in that regard, less so for the guitar plugins (though capturing them is a great idea, I think I may do this with the Fuchs Trainwreck plugin)

It works like a charm capturing plugins. I know eventually the QC will be able to run the neural stuff but I got antsy and I’m glad I tried it.

I just feel like the Apollo may be overkill at this point. I’d rather buy another guitar lol