QC extremely low

Hey folks,

I’m trying to use my quad cortex, recently bought, with my audio interface. I connected the output 3 into the input of my audio interface but the volume is insanely low, and it is impossible to use it for any recording.

The tried to send the same output to my cab, same result. I need to max out the QC master volume, increase the output level to max to start hearing something.

Anyone has any idea what’s going on?

why dont you try connecting directly usb to your pc? QC works as an audio interface, there´s no need to be plugged to another one maybe that´s causing the issue

Because I use the QC and the Helix back and forth. Because of that it is easy to just plug the output of the unit to the input of the interface.

Does your interface input channel have a pad on it, or other setting that could be interfering?
Output 3 should provide plenty of signal if routed on the grid correctly.
The QC main volume knob should be turned ALL the way UP. That is unity volume. Anything else will be lowering your levels. That’s normal for this unit. It’s also not meant to send signal straight to a cab, you’d need a poweramp in between (unless your cab is powered)

Hi @xush,

I will test the interface again.

I’m using a powercab and it shows almost nothing in terms of volume. I need to max out the unit volume, plus max out the powercab volume. When I do the same thing with my Helix the amount of volume on the powercab is insanely loud. I would like to understand if it is normal or my unit has any kind of issue.

I can make a youtube video showing the issue, it that helps. Please let me know.

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It could be just how you have your preset(s) leveled. Try boosting the levels on some of the QC’s blocks or at the output block. It does take a pretty healthy level to drive the Powercab properly. I had some presets on my Helix that I had to boost to get proper levels on my Powercab+.

I noticed your post on Reddit. The problem was using the Helix power adapter by accident. Just posting here so others see the issue was solved. We can add another item to the standard troubleshooting list for low output. :+1:


Yes, it was a human generated mistake! :smiley:

Thank you for posting here, so we can close this thread.

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I use the QC as a interface and experience low input even when recording DIs.
i always have to up the input gain on my channel.
Because i use QC as a interface i have my monitors connected directly via output 3&4. So having the volum at 100% is a no go…
What am i doing wrong?

Thanks for the update and glad you were able to resolve.