Signal seems to be mono

Hi there, i am a new QC User and i like what i hear so far, but: the stereo effects dont seem to be stereo!
when i listend to the ping pong delay (of course after the amp) is mono. Any help is appreciated greets Rexindigo

How are you monitoring? Headphones or speakers? What Output are you sending to on the QC?
Did you have a cab block AFTER the delay? If so, pan the mics and that’ll restore the stereo image.
Any mono blocks after the delay will sum the signal to mono

output is multi out, but i tried 3/4 which is the actual output im using, makes no difference
delay is last in chain

so you’re monitoring thru external speakers? Is the QC output signal going through any other gear (mixer/interface, etc) else, or just straight to powered speakers? You’re using 2 cables out from the QC?

This is with the Ping Pong Delay itself, or a different delay with the ping-pong setting?
Can you upload your preset or a pic of it with the delay settings showing?

thank you Xush, for pointing in the right direction: it was not the QC but my audio interface, plugged the headphones into the QC and → stereo, so i apologize for wasting Your precious time!

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No problem at all, everyone’s here to help!