The Cables You Suggested for QC/Krisdonia

The cables you suggested are not working. Possibly a bum cable? Here’s what I wrote in the thread: So I got the reverse polarity cable and the short USB-C cable. I turned the Krisdonia on at 12V, plugged in the USB-C cable and connected the reverse polarity cable to the other end of the USB-C cable. When I plug the red end of the reverse-polarity cable into the QC, all I get are flashing lights on the QC, and pressing the power button does nothing. Am I missing something here?

Hi @phowell3 , unfortunately I have no reference to QC/Krisdonia etc., but if you are getting flashing lights and not normal behavior using an alternate power source, something is amiss. Make sure whatever you use to power the QC is at least 2a and 12v. The stock OEM PS provides 3a @ 12v for reference. Also ensure your polarity is correct for the QC, if not you could have damaged it.