Support for the OSC protocol

Please implement support for the OSC protocol in the QC. For many years, musicians have been using MIDI to control equipment, but it is outdated and has flaws. For example, I use the TouchOSC program in order to have the most needed parameters of the guitar processor on the phone, which I put next to me or I can even attach it to the guitar strap or the guitar itself. This is how it looks:

However, MIDI is used to send messages, and it does not support feedback from the processor, therefore, if a new preset is loaded, the encoders do not update their position, or if the encoders are rotated on the processor, also do not display changes on the phone. Desynchronization practically negates the usefulness and coolness of this venture.
Even if editing in a mobile app becomes available in the future, the OSC allows to create your own panels of any size and configuration, just with what a specific user needs. For example, on my panel, I can turn on one of the eight favorite presets (these are colored nameless squares), snapshots (S1-S4 squares), include some necessary effects, adjust some amplifier parameters, start the tuner and start/stop playback in DAW

Not something I use but not a bad ideia, I vote for this.