QC as USB midi interface!

I was sad to find out that I can’t use the QC as a midi interface, works great as a USB audio interface, there is midi in and midi out, I feel it needs to be there.

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Missing this feature

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I agree, this is an important feature. I didn’t realize how important until I started building the pedalboard I’m building now which includes an RJM PBC/6X that controls MIDI at great detail.

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Most audio interfaces have this feature, it’s a shame to have to use an extra midi interface, especially when using portable devices that your USB ports are limited. I am surprised people did not request this. For me, being able to use the QC as a midi interface is crucial, now for example I have 3 devices that I was hoping to route through the QC but I have to figure out a different route.

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I agree that QC needs a lot more MIDI features. Most important to me is to be able to have any footswitch change scenes, control one or more stomp, or send one or more MIDI messages.

QC has a lot of blocks and processing capabilities. So although it could be used as a MIDI interface, I’d rather see NDSP invest effort in MIDI control of QC, rather than QC control of other MIDI devices. I use an MC8 with QC to give me more switches. But QC only supports 8 stomp switches. So I can’t really use the MC8 the way I want - to have more than 8 stomp blocks in a patch.

After that is done, and the MIDI mapping is supported, then the next step would be to allow better control of other MIDI devices. But I do think the MC8 or similar device is a better, cheaper option for this, so it’s not as important to me.

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