MIDI Learn

Please add MIDI learn to the QC.
The current MIDI CC map is very restrictive.
I wish I could control block parameters via MIDI and expand usage with external MIDI expression pedals , potentiometers or switches (even sensors à la Kaoss Pad)

Wow, just came back here to request the same! x)
I just realised how restricted the QC is regarding remote control options.
I’d like to assign CCs to parameters or bypass, so I can for example turn blocks on and off via MIDI.
What good is having all that DSP and multiple FX blocks when I can’t switch them freely and am restricted to 8 scenes or footswitches. HX control, Boss midi, Axe Fx… way way ahead here.

You are able to use the MIDI EXP1/2 CCs to map to any parameter on any block pretty much - so you can control things via MIDI expression today.

You can also (for at least moderately simple use cases) use the expression CCs for bypass/toggles.

That being said, the QC has a long way to go as far as MIDI implementation but I am hoping we will see some changes in the 2.x series of releases with things like direct block access and control, and extended access to things like input and output volumes via MIDI

Hey @RexRemus ,

Thanks for your input, I did know you can already do basic MIDI implementation (via a DIY MIDI Switcher).
But so far it’s pretty limited.

I was just hoping that, with sufficient votes (ie : sufficient people needing expanded MIDI functionalities) we could see the Quad Cortex become a fully fledged gigging beast.

Imagine the simple process of long pressing a block parameter (Midi learn), then pressing your switch or expression knob on your favorite controller and… voilà ! Assigned !

Definitely agree, it has a way to go, and this is a solid feature request. Just pointing out that you can do “some” things today, even if imperfect. But I agree it can be significantly better and more powerful than it currently is