Wireless Touch Control on Android/iOS - TouchOSC Templates

Hi all. I recently made a bunch of TouchOSC templates mapped to the NDSP plugins I own. These allow wireless touch control on Android/iOS over WiFi or wired control over USB. They require a purchase of the TouchOSC app on the Apple/Google app store, and installation of TouchOSC Bridge on the host PC/Mac if you are using wirelessly.

With a DAW you can have 2-sync so that if you switch tracks/presets the values will update on the controller. The standalone apps unfortunately can’t send MIDI currently, so changing presets in the app won’t update the values on the controller.

I’ve currently mapped out Plini X, Cory Wong, Rabea and Darkglass suite, but thought I’d put out the Plini X template first to see if there’s actually any interest out there. Let me know if you’re interested in any of the other plugins - I may be able to design and map some that I don’t own using the trials.