MIDI Output

I really like the midi capability of the QC. However I was wondering if it would be possible to utilise not only the switches, but also the pots as midi controls, so we could hook it up to our DAW and use it to modify values (faders, knobs etc.).
Another thing I was wondering is if it would be possible to add a 4th mode (additional to stomp/preset/scene) dedictated to midi. I would really like to use the switches to control things like loopers or DAW transport functions. At the moment that is not really convenient since every “switch” will also do “something” on the QC depending on the mode. One can work around this by creating a preset where every scene has the same parameters and just assign different midi cc’s to them, but that is obviously not ideal.
Ideally there would be a mode where we send only midi events. Another helpful thing would be if we could copy/save just the midi output settings between presets. Atm I would have to recreate my midi mappings for every preset.

Yes, will get my vote. I have been suggesting a “midi mode” for the past few months. Basically, universal midi settings that are not dependent upon a preset or scene. I would use for triggering events on other devices like an iPad. Set it up once and it is always available as a separate mode.

Got my vote, I also like the idea of a 4th mode… maybe in this 4th mode we could also have a bunch of onscreen macro buttons, faders etc… maybe even be able to make the onscreen layout customisable to your needs.