sudden distorted sound in the middle of recording a track

I’m using the latest firmware on my Quad Cortex, and yesterday I was recording three tracks into GarageBand on my MacBook Pro M1 Pro running on MacOS Monterey 12.6 (latest).

I didn’t change a thing, but today I started re-listening to the three tracks I recorded at night, and the first track is absolutely fine, but in the middle of the second track the sound became super fuzzed like you can hardly hear the notes. And the third track is completely fuzzed from the beginning to the end.

Hi @Muse and sorry to hear you are having issues during recording. You would assume that you were monitoring while you were recording, if so did you hear anything while you were recording or only afterwards when listening etc? I would say that sounds like a resource issue but if you are running the newest HW and OS, the probably isn’t the case. I would make sure the sample size didn’t change but other than that, I don’t have any ideas as you wouldn’t use the NDSP ASIO driver and would be using the MBs core audio drivers. Now that I re-read your post, you didn’t indicate it is or isn’t the latest HW but doubtful its a HW related issue. If you are unable to determine the source, you may need to email and they will need to walk through your setup. Since its not something I hear about occurring frequently (or at all etc.) I would assume something is amiss with the MB side of things.

I will leave it open in case anyone else has any using QC with MB input but if all else fails, please reach out to support.