Quad Cortex USB Recording Glitches to M1 Macbook Pro - Logic x

I am experiencing a very frustrating issue with my QC when trying to use it as an interface into my M1 Macbook Pro 13" using Logic X.

I get glitching every two / three minutes where the audio signal falls into a bit-crushed, high pitched, modulated mess. This is not just the signal going to software monitoring but the signal being recorded too. It also does not simply pop every now and then a la I/O buffer issues; the whole signal audio signal gets distorted / crushed / modulated so that all you hear is the modulated signal consistently.

When I disable and re-enable core audio the problem resolves for another while. Any help would be highly appreciated.

QC → Macbook via USB
QC → Studio Monitors via XLR outputs

Settings - Macbook
QC set as default audio output

Settings - Logic Global
QC set as input and output
I/O Buffer of 128

Settings - Project
Bitrate 48khz

QC Output to USB 3/4
Logic Input to QC Channel 3/4
Software output from Macbook to QC XLR Outputs

I have been using QC with macOS 13.3 on an M2 MacBook Pro and Logic Pro 10.7.7. for a while now with absolutely no problems. Is everything up to date?

Thanks Jamsden. Yes everything is up to date.

I am starting to wonder whether it might be the USB hub I am using.

I have been in touch with Neural customer support and one of the things they asked me to check is whether there are IO issues on sound playback from other programs such as Apple Music / Spotify etc. Lo an behold yes there are - so my suspicion is the usb hub which I am using (bus powered) is not keeping up with the power draw of midi controllers plus QC.

I am going to try using a mains powered hub later today and then I will give some feedback.


No luck. Connected a 5v 2.1a power supply to my Orico hub. Problem persists.


Removed my Orico Laptop Stand / Hub from the equation and replaced with a simple USB-C mini hub type connector now all works perfectly.


Hi every one I’ve got an issue with my QC and Logic, I use the Qc as audio interface in Logic Pro X, it recognize my QC. But when I arm my track the sound not come in the QC. Have you ever seen this kind of issues ? Sorry for my English, come from France :wink: !

I have this same issue - constantly glitching out - sometimes can’t even connect - very temperamental… any resolution to this - I’m running a MacBook Pro with M1

On my side replacing the usb hub worked. I have not had any issues since replacing it. The easiest way to check this (I think) is to get a usb to usb c adapter and bypass any hubs you may be using by plugging the qc straight in to the mac using the converter.