Headphone output distorted

Headphone output distorted

I got my Quad Cortex today - nice device. Connected to power - updated to 1.4.1 - guitar connected - headphones connected - preset selected - guitar started:

→ Sound from the headphones is distorted…

Sound recorded via USB in Logic Pro X and listened to with the same headphones via the QC → distorted.
Listened to the recorded sound with the same headphones directly from the headphone output of the mac → everything is fine.
Sound via output 3 on the QC to an external Fender Twin → everything is fine.

Headphone settings on the QC are unchanged from the factory settings (HP Level 0.0 dB / Multi Out 6.0 dB). Changing the settings does not bring any changes. QC resets → no change.

Do you have any ideas what it could be? Is the headphone jack on the QC broken?

Can you check the level meters and make sure there’s no clipping? Swipe down from the top of the screen and tab ports (e.g. headphones, uSB etc.). --Jake

As @jakekim pointed out check your levels.

Also, reach out to support@neuraldsp.com if that doesn’t solve it so they can look into it for you.

Hi Jake,
thanks for your support. No clipping in headphone menu…
I will contact Neural DSP - just annoying.