Headphone output distorted

Headphone output distorted

I got my Quad Cortex today - nice device. Connected to power - updated to 1.4.1 - guitar connected - headphones connected - preset selected - guitar started:

→ Sound from the headphones is distorted…

Sound recorded via USB in Logic Pro X and listened to with the same headphones via the QC → distorted.
Listened to the recorded sound with the same headphones directly from the headphone output of the mac → everything is fine.
Sound via output 3 on the QC to an external Fender Twin → everything is fine.

Headphone settings on the QC are unchanged from the factory settings (HP Level 0.0 dB / Multi Out 6.0 dB). Changing the settings does not bring any changes. QC resets → no change.

Do you have any ideas what it could be? Is the headphone jack on the QC broken?

Can you check the level meters and make sure there’s no clipping? Swipe down from the top of the screen and tab ports (e.g. headphones, uSB etc.). --Jake

As @jakekim pointed out check your levels.

Also, reach out to support@neuraldsp.com if that doesn’t solve it so they can look into it for you.

Hi Jake,
thanks for your support. No clipping in headphone menu…
I will contact Neural DSP - just annoying.

Hi, how did this end for you? I have the same problem…

I’ve found if you use low impedance headphones, you can’t turn up the headphone level very loud without getting a “frying bacon” distortion.

If you turn headphones down to a lower level and don’t hear it, or if you record your QC and listen back in your normal listening environment and it’s not there… it’s the headphones.

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I absolutely love mine but unfortunately had to learn how to live with it…
When I bought my first one sent it back cause I tough it was a faulty unit and went down to andertons. They were super helpful and I’ve tried 3/4 diferent ones and they all displayed the same behaviour. It’s more prominent with low impedance headphone to my understanding (such as in ears).
Solution for me is to connect to any other headphone amp and problem gone.
It’s a little annoying because opposite to manny people in the community I like to dial stuff via whatever in ears I’ll be monitoring by on tour.

(Only tried units from their last batch in early December)

I have the same issue. Can you please help, Neural? None of my other outputs are clipping. Everything sounds great from other outputs. If I plug my IEM into out 3 or 4 they sound great. Problem there is that you can only use the multiple output option to hear everything and then you can’t have separate outputs for vocals and guitars.

Why this problem exists is beyond me. All the factory presets distort the headphones as well. Please help Neural. Please!!

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