Strange Pitch block behaviour

I would like to use two pitch blocks in parallel after the amp/speaker to create those nice 80s big hair rock sounds. It works, but it seems really buggy and strange.

I create a split/mix line after the amp/speaker and drop in two pitch blocks. One block in the first line and one block in the splitter line. Both blocks are parallel and last in the signal chain. I assign one switch to each block. So far so good. I can switch both blocks in and out with no sound change and no volume drop.

When I then set one block to a few cents negativ and the other to a few cents positive I get a great chorus like sound, but without the modulation. But switching both blocks in and out now creates a considerable volume drop. Not good.

The strange thing is, that when I set the shift back to zero in both blocks it sounds like the amp is in a box with a cocked wah in the signal chain. Very strange.

When I reset the blocks to their default values, I can recreate the whole procedure from the start …

Is it me not seeing something or is this just plain buggy behaviour ?

Cheers, Todde

Yes there is something up with the pitch block. I made a couple of patches where it essentially stopped working correctly regardless if you remove it and put it back etc.

I was really excited when I originally created a patch to detune play in D or B with my floyd guitars and it sounded spectacular. perfect tracking on chords. Something happened and now chords sound like the mix is not at 100 percent anytime I try to use the block. even in other patches. very strange.

I notified NDSP support and we had a very nice email exchange on the topic. It seems that the pictch block and also the parallel splitter that starts and ends on the same line are in need of an update.

NDSP are looking into this they promised. We’ll need to wait for an update. Let’s hope it comes soon.

Cheers, Todde