Subtle Detune like 5150-era EVH

When I tried using the pitch shift block, I get more of a flange effect than a detune / chorus. Chorus block doesn’t really do it either. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!

the old studio trick: stereo out hard L/R and one row has a mono delay at super short delay time at 100% mix… if needed on that same row you could add a pitch block with a couple cents of de-tune

I tried the hard L/R pan. Shifting one side didn’t sound great. Adding a pitch detune block with different shift on the other side sounded better but still kinda flangey.

My theory is that the detune effect is accomplished using a sawtooth wave to modulate a delay. NDSP might then have accomplished the shorter latency by using a shorter average delay. That delay is in the ballpark of where a flanger operates vs. other pitch shifters that operate more in the chorus range.

If that’s the case, your suggestion of adding a delay to the pitch shift might push the average delay out into chorus territory. I’ll give that a try.

I have an old Rocktron intelliflex and it has a patch called New Ed. It’s in stereo and has pitch shift or harmonizer on each side. One side is pitch down a little bit and the other side is pitch up a little bit. Sounds exactly like Eddie’s sound on the albums.

Normally I would achieve that affect by detuning between 9 cents down on one side and then 9 cents up on the other side… I’m hoping my QC arrives tomorrow or Wednesday so unfortunately I cannot trial on this yet…

You can do that but you need to do it on two paths because the pitch block only does one detune and doesn’t pan.