Help ! all my quad cortex has dropped one tone, why?

I getting mad all my quad cortex sounds ( amps, presets, scenne ,all in general ) has dropped one tone , and i dont kwon how to change it to normal. Any one can help me please and if posible tell me why it has happend ?.

Hi @JAVIER6090 , we would need more details of your issue(s). What do you mean ‘dropped one tone’?

Otherwise, please email and they will get you sorted quickly.

Thanks mate , i mean thal all i play in E now the sound is in D , all has been detuned one tone

Sounds like you have a pitch block effect enabled somewhere, that would be the only way your guitar would be detuned etc.

Exactly , i have reseted the QC twice and end of the problem . Thanks for you prompt reply

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Glad you resolved it!