Strane midi/expression issue

I’m having a weird midi/expression pedal issue. I’m using a GigRig G3, Widi Jack, and the QC.

Basically midi messages are being sent to the QC even if I don’t have the QC in the expression configuration. Using my expression pedal results in the QC changing presets. The QC is on the correct midi channel and midi thru is turned off.

What could I be doing wrong?

Hey @xxedgexx. Is the expression pedal connected directly to the QC or is it connected to the GigRig G3? Maybe you’re sending the same MIDI messages required to change presets: MIDI reserved CC list.

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Check if you don’t have a loop. So in that case try to unplug the input from the widi of your swnding device.

May be then you can check if it is a midi loop or not.

And check if you dont have midi out specified during preset load.

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