QC, GigRig G3, Midi

Anyone using the QC with the GigRig G3 switcher? I’m having a hell of a time getting midi sorted out.

I just want to send midi commands from the G3 to change presets on the QC. Anyone have any tips? For example, based on the documentation, how would I change a preset or pull up the tuner for example?

I have other midi pedals with no problem, but their docs are a little more straight forward. Change preset is just a PC send, but QC’s docs seem to only refer to CC messages. I just want a simple example but nothing I’m sending to the QC seems to be working.

Hi There,
I had a lot of the same issues when setting up my Nectar Pacer Foot controller with the QC and it turned out to be totally different to what was shown in the manual, everything now works perfectly.

Basically. Forget CCs and use Program Changes.
LSB Value chooses the setlist, LSB 0 = the Factory Setlist.
MSB 0 Chooses Bank 1 - 16
MSB 1 Chooses Bank 17 - 24
Prog Change 1-127 selects the preset within the chosen setlist and bank.
Not sure if the instructions in the manual work for other controllers but they certainly did nothing for me.
Hope this helps.