Serious MIDI problem, please help

I gig using quad cortex with logic pro x. when I playback the project, I use midi control in logic pro x to control the quad cortex to change scenes and control the exp pedal.

Here’s the problem:

The quad cortex changes the scene or change the exp parameter WITHOUT I ASK, and it does these RAMDOMLY! This makes this device unusable.

For example, I programmed the logic to send the midi signal to let the quad cortex to change the scene from A to B at BAR 4, but sometimes, the cortex would change scene B to A at BAR 5 or BAR 6 etc.

I have tried using MIDI monitor app to see if that’s because my computer is sending random wrong signals, but no, my mac isn’t doing anything when cortex acting crazy.

I’m not seeing many people mention this, but if anyone knows about it, please help.

My computer is a macbook pro m1, and I’ve tried different usb cables.

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Hey mate,

Are you able to add screenshots of your MIDI program or even an export file?
So we can check this by using it with an other device/DAW (can try it on my QC using Logic Pro X and Cubase Pro 12).

Make sure the MIDI Channel of the External Instrument is not set to All. It should be set to only the channel for QC.

A midi loop will make crazy things happen as well. Im not sure of your setup and setting so its hard to say. Im by no means an expert but I have had my share of issues that I had to figure out. As mentioned check your channels. If you have midi thru turned on try turning it off on the Cortex.