Intermittent Expression pedal recognition

Hi Folks.
I wonder if anyone has had this issue.
I have assigned an expression pedal to The Expression 2 input of the QC , it works perfectly most times, but then other times , the QC doesn’t recognise the expression pedal .
I am using the Roland EV 5 pedal.
Thank you in Advance

I’m using a Fractal expression pedal and it’s worked flawlessly. Have you tried changing your TRS cable between the pedal and QC? I know some Roland pedals have a permanently attached cable. You might try cleaning the cable plug with a quality contact cleaner like Deoxit. Next time it’s acting up, try wiggling the cable and twisting the plug(s) a bit to see if it’s an intermittent cable or bad plug to jack contact. If it’s not a mechanical problem, I’m not sure what could be causing this issue.

Hi PickinPete
I hope you are well.
I managed to sort the problem out… it was user error.

I never realised that I would have to save the pedal assignment for every preset and scene.

So it was all my fault. All working well now

Thank you for getting back to me.
This Neural community is really awesome ! Thank you guys

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Ah…that’ll do it! Glad you resolved it.

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