Hybrid Mode Working!

Hey all, just got my QC yesterday and I’ve worked out a bit of a trick to get a Hybrid Mode working without the need for any external MIDI switching.

Apologies for the quality + rambling, I’d been to the pub in vid 1 and slightly seedy for vid 2.

Hope it helps!


Very nice! I hadn’t thought of sending Midi out and back into the QC. Thanks for sharing!


Very interesting, just a pity I don’t understand much about that video. I made an article on your topic on the website of my guitar school www.mojagitara.com and I would like to ask if you could (what is shown in the video) write it in points like that, or with some example ( examples). I would be grateful :slight_smile:


Veľmi zaujimavé, len škoda, že moc tomu na tom videu nerozumiem. Na stránkach mojej gitarovej školy www.mojagitara.com som k tejto tvojej temé urobil článok a chcel by som sa spýtať, či by si to nemohol (to čo je vo videu ukázané) spísať v bodoch ako na to, prípadne aj s nejakým príkladom (príkladmi). Bol by som povďačný :slight_smile:

Hi Marian,

Sure thing, I’ll attempt to summarise:


As of the current release, the Quad Cortex has 3 operating modes. They are:

-Scene (footswitches change Scenes);
-Preset (footswitches change Presets);
-Stomp (footswitches turn on and off/bypass Effect Blocks).

What is currently missing is a “Hybrid” mode, where for example, the bottom row of footswitches can change Presets, and the top row of Footswitches can turn on and off Effect Blocks within that Preset. This particular control setup is my preference, especially since I have come from a Kemper (Remote and Stage have this layout) and previous to that, a Line 6 HD500. I’m assuming that you can have the same control layout with the latest generation of e.g. Line 6 products (Helix, Helix LT) and Axe-FX.

I did some searching and found a lot of people asking for Hybrid mode, and some examples of solutions using an external MIDI controller/footswitch. Since I was trying to downsize my gig rig, this wasn’t preferential for me, and after reading the manual I came up with a bit of a crazy theory.


To enable a “Hybrid” mode/control layout on the Quad Cortex, without the use of an external MIDI controller


Actually it’s quite simple! All that’s needed is a MIDI cable so that the Quad Cortex can send MIDI messages to itself:

  1. Connect a MIDI cable to the 2 MIDI ports on the back of the Quad Cortex (MIDI In and MIDI Out/Thru)
  2. Ensure MIDI Thru is OFF in the Quad Cortex settings. Menu->Settings->MIDI Settings. I also disabled MIDI Over USB but I believe that is not required.
  3. Ensure you already have Presets and Scenes set up according to your preference, depending on your goals
  4. Switch the Quad Cortex to Stomp Mode. I think this is the best way to implement this control system, but you might choose Scene Mode if that works best for you
  5. Unassign the footswitches that you want to use for Hybrid Mode, press on the Effect Block assigned to that footswitch and unassign it
  6. Assign MIDI commands to the footswitches. Reference Quad Cortex User Manual Pages 86-92 (Version 1.3). Menu->Preset MIDI Out->Press the footswitch you want to assign a MIDI command to->Assign the relevant PC or CC message (reference the User Manual for a list of these messages)
  7. If you are using Presets (e.g. you have decided to assign Preset 1/2/3/4 to a row of Footswitches), you will need to assign those MIDI commands to each Footswitch for EVERY Preset. Make sure you save it!
  8. Enjoy your new Hybrid Mode!

Some Options:

-You can assign e.g. Scenes to a row of Footswitches (or just 2) if that’s your preference;
-You can assign e.g. Presets to one row of Footswitches, and Scenes to the other (this could be a very powerful control layout, giving 16 different tones with 8 Footswitches
-You can assign Looper X controls to Footswitches e.g. Start/Stop, Undo/Redo etc WITHOUT having the Looper X open
-You can turn on/off the Tuner without having to hold the Tap Tempo footswitch
-You can assign a Setlist change to a Footswitch
-See the User Manual for the full list of MIDI commands!


If want to change Presets 1, 2, 3 & 4 with the bottom row of Footswitches (FS), assign:

Type - PC | Program# - 0 to FS E
Type - PC | Program# - 1 to FS F
Type - PC | Program# - 2 to FS G
Type - PC | Program# - 3 to FS H

If you want to changes Scenes A, B, C & D with the top row of Footswitches, assign:

Type - CC | CC# - 43 | Value - 0 to FS A
Type - CC | CC# - 43 | Value - 1 to FS B
Type - CC | CC# - 43 | Value - 2 to FS C
Type - CC | CC# - 43 | Value - 3 to FS D

-Once you assign a MIDI command to a Footswitch, there’s no indication what you have assigned to it (even in Gig View), so you’ll have to remember what you did (not really an issue)
-Once you plug in your MIDI cable, you can’t use MIDI for anything else without using either MIDI over USB or an external MIDI splitter e.g. MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru (I have not tested this device)

I think that’s it, feel free to ask me any questions!

Cheers, Justin


Thank you very much for the detailed description and this topic has already been added and translated here (it is for the language area Czech Republic and Slovak Republic).


Veľké ďakujem za podrobný popis a tu je už doplnená a preložená táto téma (je to pre jazykovú oblasť Česká republika a Slovenská republika).

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Thanks for sharing your discovery with everyone, just goes to show what is truly possible when people think outside the box! :grinning:


Great solution!

My hope is that Neural could do something similar in software that wouldn’t require the MIDI patch cable.
Maybe that way, the display could reflect the new assignments too.

If you use this to have presets on the bottom row and scenes on the top, I asume this layout will give me four scenes per preset?

Yes mate, that’s right. Let me know how you get on!

I tried and it works like a charm. The biggest flaw is that the leds on the bottom row wont light up to tell me what preset I’m on.

Nice idea. Since I am controlling my Amp with MIDI from the QC I can’t use this as it ties up both MIDI ports, but it is a cool idea.

Just a quick note here, you can use as many midi devices with a midi cable as you want, as long as the other devices have midi thru enabled, and the loop ends back in the QC. I use TC Helicon Voicelive, and Airstep midi controller and hybrid mode on the QC, and the QC sends commands to all of those and all those send command back to the QC if needed etc.
Midi thru on the QC always off.

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I’m wondering if it’s possible to assign only one of the switches as a “stomp” option. For instance, A-G should only be used for Scene Mode, and H should only be used for a Stomp (I want the H to perform a Freeze).

Please explain if anyone knows!

Not exactly, but you can assign the freeze as a scene.

Set your freeze block to be bypassed, but with the freeze setting ON. Then have the block active when you want to use it - it will freeze the first think you play when activated.

I do a similar thing but with a momentary footswitch toggling the bypass state via an expression pedal input.

Hm. Then I think I have to rearrange my scenes.

Here is how my entire scene is set up:
-I have A as a rhythm left.
-B as a rhythm L and R (with a 25 ms delay on the R).
-C as a lead with reverb, and D as a lead with reverb and delay before the amp.
-E as a clean channel
-F as a clean channel with L and R (with a 25 ms delay on the R).
-G is a clean Lofi sound, and H is a freeze.

I want to be able to use any of these “scenes,” and when I activate H, I want to use the scene I just used before I clicked on H, if that makes any sense. So If I’m on A and press H the freeze will activate on scene A. If i use E and then click H, It will activate the freeze on scene E.

Hope this is not to bad formulated wording :stuck_out_tongue:

I would probably use the expression pedal way in that case, then you can have it on any scene, and switch between scenes with it still on.

Find a cheap footswitch (momentary or latching), connect it to one of the effects loops, then set that to control the freeze block, either as I said above, or using the actual ‘freeze’ control within it.