Cortex Scene Mode & Activate (On/Off) Stomp via Midi?

I’m trying to have the Cortex display in Scene mode (all 8 Scenes on the the screen) but be able to turn stomp blocks on /off via mid (Morningstar MC8) for the selected scene - has anyone tried this? The idea being that I have a single preset with the 8 scenes I use for a normal gig and use the Cortex to switch between the scenes and use the MC8 to turn effects on/off as required.

Found someone who has tried something like this already:

Many thanks David - I’ll check this out tonight.

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Worked perfectly - I also discovered that you can set the Toggle switch on the MC8 to have the current Scene “Blinking” on the MC8 so you know which Scene is active. Thanks for the Heads-Up - much appreciated.

Your welcome! I’m glad to help you.