Foot switches

Just received my QC today. Thank You Neural. Would there ever be the option to split the function of the foot switches like FAS Ax8 does. Being able to have scenes and stomp on the same preset…Thanks for listening to users…

This is somewhat covered in another request, but yours is specific to the way the AX8/FX8 allow complete choice of scene/stomp for each of the 8 footswitches that are currently assignable in the QC as either preset, scene or stomp. Being able to mix scene and stomp switches within a preset is SO helpful!

(FWIW, I’ll also add that the fact that the switch locations on the QC are identical to the FX8 and AX8 that I’ve been using for the past 7 years was a major reason I bought the QC)

So for example, I like having 4-6 scenes and then 2-4 stomps. So for my MAIN preset, I would have an 1) acoustic sound, 2) clean electric, 3) crunch rhythm, 4) super saturated rhythm, 5) a dark solo with reverb for slide and 6) a brighter solo with delay and then a modulation or auto wah stomp and a delay stomp. I can do just about any gig with that one preset and all changes are seamless, rather than switching presets. FWIW I also have song- and band- specific presets but I don’t really have to use them!

Add to this that because of the capture feature I now have two acoustics–a dread and a resonator. It works so well to be able to hit a switch to change from magnetic to piezo on the guitar and step on a switch to get a scene that’s set up for it.

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So did Neural ever respond to the request. Is it possible in a firmware update or is it not possible with the way the Quad cortex is built.


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I haven’t seen them in this forum, so I don’t think it works like the FAS forum with Cliff, et al responding from time to time. That said I’d guess that these topics that get heavy traffic and lots of votes will get their attention first. And you can vote for your own afaik

Just saw this, Read here…sounds like it may be in the works, and there’s a video from their Facebook page that seems to show how it will look.

:+1:That will be sweet thanks macphly

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