Stomp mode turn one effect on and another effect off

I would love to have the ability to turn one effect on and another effect off with a button press in stomp mode. I would tie both effects to one button and invert their on/off states. This would be useful for expression pedal stuff - exp 1 tied to volume on gain block and pitch on whammy block. Turning pitch block on disables gain block, turning pitch block off turns gain block on. This would allow more flexibility for expression pedals. I know you can do this with scenes already, but if I’m in stomp mode that would require to switch to scene mode, then select the scene, then go back to stomp mode. I’m also aware of hybrid mode, but I can only access 4 of each type, limiting flexibility.

There is already at least one request for this:

This has been doable since 1-2 releases back. Just assign a stomp to multiple blocks (you can toggle any number in any combination) and toggle bypass on whatever you want to flip - leave the rest active - hit stomp and everything inverts

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@RexRemus I actually didn’t know you could do that–I only just started using stomps along with scenes when Hybrid Mode got added in CorOS 2.0. Thanks for the tip.