Assign Parameters to Switches in Stomp Mode

I know similar feature requests have been made. Now we can turn multiple blocks on and off with one switch in Stomp Mode. The next level is to be able to control parameters of the block as well.

In Stomp mode I have a solo switch. When I tap it a compressor comes on along with a tube screamer and a delay. But I’d also like to modify my eq block. More mids and less lows. I can work around this now by having 2 EQ blocks. Less CPU and grid usage (more efficient ) would be to set a min a max value per selected parameter and swap between them by tapping the stomp switch.

Why not Scenes? Well, I may want to pick from a couple of overdrives to go with this solo. That would require multiple scenes. And I also want to combine a modulation. I can eat through 8 scenes very quickly. And what about my non solo scenes and their drives and modulations. I can handle all of this in Stomp mode with one Preset. In Scene mode I’ll need multiple presets to accomplish this.

makes sense, especially for those who keep saying ‘why not just use scene mode.’
Thanks for explaining why this could be more useful.
Maybe when/if the hybrid mode is implemented this might be integrated?
I"m all out of votes unfortunately

Fully agreed. I miss how this was done when I was on Helix. It was very nice to hit a stomp that boosts the gain, adds 3dB volume, turns on an extra delay for solos. We should also be able to rename and recolor it to whatever we want. And lastly, on my Helix my solo button was momentary so it would be on just for the few seconds that I held the switch down.

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