1 stomp to toggle between 2 blocks

Having the possibility to use a stomp (in stomp mode) to Toggle between 2 blocks rather tahn turning ON/OFF a single block would enhanced the functionality of that mode.

Right now if you use a very simple chain where you’d like 2 amp channels, you’d have something looking like:
8 blocks

This fits on the stomp mode - if you don’t touch the EQ, CAB or noise gate.
If you want to change the amp, you need to turn it off, then turn on the second one, lots of foot driven operation.

RIght now, the only way to make it a one foot operation is using scenes, but programming scenes can be ‘‘long’’ if you just want something quick and easy and use it has stomp mode.

Solution, assign both amps to one stomp, and use the stomp has a toggle switch!
tap: AMP1
tap again: AMP2
tap tap tap: back to AMP1


This is suggested here if you want to add a vote: