Change to Amp block in Stomp mode

Let’s face it, having an amp block assigned to a switch in stomp mode is not useful.
This mode is designed to have amp and cabs unassigned and use the stomps for the effects.

I’d like to have a special function for the Amp block in stomp mode: assign 2 different parameters to the block.
This would mimic channel.

So lets say you dial in a Marshall plexi model at
Gain: 3 / Bass 6 / mid: 5 / treb: 7

Then you hit the stomp and it turns:
Gain: 9 / Bass: 4 / mid: 7 / treb: 6

Then you can hit the stomp to return to previous settings.
That would be great, it would increase the stomp mode usability a lot
and (i don’t know about the algo) could decrease the need of ressources since you only use 1 amp (maybe not).

I know this can be done with scenes

In my view this should be done on a more general level: In stomp mode, the switches should firstly not be limited to work only on a single block, and secondly should be able to control any parameter (instead of only bypass), for continuous ones toggling between two definable values.
With this, we would gain huge flexibility to do a lot of things, your scenario being one of those.


I’m not too sure I follow you,
But I admit I really like the simplicity and flow of the stomp mode.
It mimic a real rig with you know, stomps - amp - cabs.

And I would like to keep it that way.

I’d just like to have the amp with ‘‘2 channels’’ which can be changed with a stomp. -Like me Marshall amp…
For more fancy stuff, I go to scenes or the upcoming hybrid mode, which is probably what you should look at.

This was one of the first frustrating shortfalls I discovered. Assigning an amp to a footswitch is 100% worthless if it’s simply to turn on/off. To switch between amps in the same signal flow It is possible with scene but disables stomps.

I feel like a clever way of doing this would be to make the amp block act like its own “scene” when stomped on, it ping-pongs between two nested amp blocks but are really channels on a dual switching amp (more channels wouldn’t be possible with a single footswitch, logically speaking, you’d have to cycle thru the channels). You’d have to make this possible with neural captured amps as well (another thing that bothered me, the inability to make a block explicitly say if it’s a captured effect line/DI, captured amp line/DI, or captured amp mic’d/with cab - that would really help the community out).

Other than that this thing sounds ridiculously amazing.

My current workaround is to assign 1 amps to block A (on) and another (or same with different settings) to block E (off), then press both simultaneously to switch between them. This works fine, but if you miss your stomps its a real noisy pain.

I would not dare to do it live.

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I’ve been doing exactly what March is, right down to the same footswitches, which is kind of hilarious. I have two amps set up in series/mono, which I switch between as though channels on an amp. I never have them both on at the same time, obviously, but they each suck up quite a few system resources and limits what I can do, even though I’m only using one at a time. But if I could switch between them like channels, which seems reasonable, I would have a lot more freedom.

Right now, I feel the potential of presets is handcuffed. If I want to switch between sounds, I need double the resources, even though those resources are not being used at the same time.

The same goes with reverb or delay. If I want to sometimes use a tape instead of a digital delay, I have to create a whole new preset. But if I could switch between tape delay set up one way and digital delay set up in another, that would increase other things I could within my preset.