Volume Pedal Block again

T tried all of the fixes and there is still a small jump when engaging the pedal. I was trying to do some cool volume/delay swells on a session and it was really tricky to avoid the pick attack I have an old Digitech GSP1101 and a couple of Helix products. THe only one that has really been able to nail the volume pedal thing is the GSP1101. That thing is like a million years old. Why can’e QC get something seemingly so simple?

What XP are you using? Which parameter are you using to adjust volume?

I’ve been able to get the “Steve Howe pedal-steel”-syncopated delay swell effect fairly well dialed-in.

You say you’ve tried all the fixes so I assume you’ve recalibrated your XP at least twice. If that doesn’t smooth things out, have you tried adjusting the min and max levels manually to look for a sweet-spot?

I’m using the Mission Neural pedal, which I love. The biggest issue I have is that there is just a slight jump from no vlume to whatever the place is where it starts. The Helix has a linear vs. logarithmic taper which is pretty great. Still, that old GSP is the one to beat for me. I have it in my studio but live it would be nive to have that same feel on the QC. However, the verbs and delays are stunning on the QC. The Helix is just blah. Actually, the GSP has great verbs. I think digitech own lexicon and used their verbs. I sure can’t complain about the QC in that regard. Hopefully QC will have a volume pedal in the next update.