Update 1.3.1 , hope for more

Quad Cortex is getting better and better and that is very positive. Something I can’t understand is, why there isn’t, yet ,a volume pedal you can place where you want, as you do with a wah wah pedal. Without doing this and that, as it’s now. An colors leds ( with more color free to choose ) as is the case with Helix and others.
And what about scenes. Now you have to engage them to use it. When you choose scene mode, it is because you need it right away. Now you have to active it. It should be the other way around as it was before. When you buy a car :red_car: with automatic transmission and triptronic function, the automatic function has to come first, and the triptronic function can be activated if you wish so. Otherwise what’s the point of buying such a car. An a function I think many need, is the possibility of engage two of more effects at the same time. I hope Cortex help os with that in the next update.
I may say that I have not been impressed with my Quad Cortex. I been using my Kemper Stage because of the real amp sound, morphing and good effect with authority. But the programming is a real pain in the butt for me. And hey, this new Quad Cortex update 1.3.1 had improved the sound to another promising level. I hope it get much better than my Kemper very soon.

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About the Volume pedal thing: there is! Just put a Gain block anywhere you want and assign an expression pedal to it. Make sure to set the range from 0% to 50%, unless you want to boost the signal.


The amp sounds haven’t changed since day one and pretty much the best of all modelers currently.
For volume, add the gain block and assign to EP - done


I like the new scene assign, I’m always in scene mode but don’t want to change EVERY control per scene as this makes no sense in most scenarios