Using a volume pedal... noobie question

Just received my QC and I’m very happy.
Beautiful sounds!

I’m still searching for a way to use an expression pedal as a volume pedal.
In most of my old Roland multi effects, I could insert a volume pedal in various places in the chain.

I don’t find this functionality in the QC.

I did find a work around…
I put a patch cord between the send and receive of effects loop 1.

Then I map the pedal to the send.

There must be a better way.


You would simply add a gain block wherever you choose and assign your EP to that block for controlling volume.

Thanks! That worked.
Now I’m wishing for a way to map the curve of the volume pedal.
Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to choose from different curves?
Just dreaming.

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Don’t forget to set the gain block to 50% when assigned to volume or you get a boost not just volume

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The lack of a dedicated volume pedal is indeed a headache. The curve of the volume pedal should be non-linear.

Thanks Leon… that’s what I’m thinking… the more I use the wonderful QC, the more I’m seeking ways to change the volume pedal curves.