Stereo setting / switch on cab blocks

So as far as I can tell the only way to use a stereo delay and retain the width/ping pong effect is to place it after a cab block. If you place it before a cab block, any stereo treatment on delays gets summed into mono unless the two mics on the cab block are panned. This produces a less than ideal stereo image if blending two different mic settings in the cab block.

On Fractal products, any delay that are placed before a stereo cab block meant the stereo effect of the delays carried through the cab block.

Unless I am stuffing something up here, it would be great to have a ‘stereo’ switch on the cab block (a bit like the NDSP plugins) to enable stereo pass-through of delays without needing to pan the mics. Currently the only work around I have for this is to either use identical mics and pan them (thus losing the ability to blend two mics) or running a stereo split to a whole new row and adding a duplicate instance of the cab block and setting separate outputs 1 and 2 independently on each row. This means chewing up a whole row jus to achieve a stereo cab at the end of my signal chain.

I would happily put my delays etc after my cab, but then if i want to run a send out to a real power amp / cab for live use (send 1 block placed before the cab block in the signal chain), it means none of those effects get sent to the power amp.