Mono VS Stereo Delays

New to Neural DSP. Coming from Fractal FX 3.
Not sure what the difference is between Mono and Stereo delays. Is the right side offset form the left are their parameter adjustments to offset the R&L delays?


if you mean on the Quad Cortex, it basically means a stereo block vs a mono one, as to the signal that will pass thru. If the signal BEFORE the delay is stereo, use the stereo delay to keep it that way. It doesn’t necessarily mean the delay effect is stereo. That is more determined by the type of delay or the ping-pong setting.

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Thanks so there are not stereo delays with left and right off setting times that can be routed to 2 different outputs (left right)
Closest thing would be the dual delay or running 2 mono delays routed to 2 outputs.
Hopefully they will add true stereo delays down the road

The Dual Delay has 2 independent delays that can be panned stereo.

Others can “ping-pong” left to right but it’s just the one repeat setting.
You can create multi’s or stereo delays by stacking blocks, either in series or parallel