Stereo enhancer block or 'width' control in cab block

Super useful for those of us who rely on a good stereo image for in ear monitoring, or playing at home through stereo monitors. Fractal products have this and it makes a massive difference.

an additional benefit here is this block would remove the need entirely to use up a parallel row on your grid before your output to create a panned stereo output, thus freeing up a heap more options for other parallel effects.

An even easier alternative would be to simply have a ‘width’ parameter control that does this with a cabinet block automatically. Essentially turning this up duplicates the mix IRs LR with a stereo enhancer effect.

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or maybe a mimiq type stuff block

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yep a stereo block or similar would give more flexibility meaning that you can place it where you want in the chain. It would however require cab blocks to enable stereo pass through rather than summing the signal which is currently the case.

It will also great for the bands whom just have 1 guitarist.

There is a request for mimiq already

Yeah this is a must…makes things come to life on the Fractal. Huge!

i haven’t seen any other threads on stereo blocks - as far as I am aware.